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Why Apfelbaum?

Apfelbaum Industrial, Inc. Is an American Enterprise incorporated under the laws of the United States of America, on October 5 of 1999 based on the experience of Manzano Export & Co. established since October 2, 1992. Its main objective is the wholesale, distribution, installation, and maintenance of High & Medium voltage equipment accessories and supplies. Test instruments and quality control apparatus, laboratory equipment in different areas, as well as tools, industrial equipment, spare parts and machinery.

The changing characteristics to which confront ourselves on the commercial area, with the NAFTA as well as as the economy characteristics, financial, technical and the market opportunities, have impelled us to create first ME&CO with the finality to take advantage and make the best on our possibilities of competition. finally, the characteristic of a global and high competitive market brought us to alliances with companies that are the leaders on high voltage equipment, therefore our decision to adopt our new name Apfelbaum Industrial, Inc. to give us a leadership on this field.

The accumulated experience has permitted to count with a wide and precise market in the United States, México, and South America which makes competitive prices possible, a wide variety of products with equal conditions quality and time of delivery which


Years Experience

permits us to offer better technical and economical alternatives to become challenged to confront it with imagination and strategy in acceptance to velocity of change.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in listening to our clients to discover their real needs, and meeting those needs with quality products, timely, accurate and efficient services and bottom-line savings. Efficient, well thought-out Systems help insure that good performance to meet your expectations.
We have developed highly sophisticated system and utilize the latest technologies, to effectively deal with the complex and expanding needs of our customer’s state-of the art service and maximize the value of our service to them.

Solid systems, built on a power philosophy, can only work if the PEOPLE using these systems are of the highest caliber and committed to SERVICE EXCELLENCE

Apfelbaum associates and representatives are the reason why Apfelbaum has become the favored business partner of many companies: contractors, large and small, high tech companies, heavy industry, government, commercial and many others. It’s our people who live out the philosophy, who use the systems, to continually provide the excellent service we promise our customers.

We focus our efforts on the utility, telephone, oil and industrial companies, with such luck that our service will keep its fundamental characteristics of personalized attention with quality and opportunity. We keep permanent contact with the manufacturer in order to be updated on the technology application, which might be of use to our buyers; at the same time we try to strengthen our relationship with the end users to know their point of view and their inquires on the performance of the equipment.
We hire only those people with the intelligence, attitude and energy it takes to do the job. Then, we devote the time and resources needs to train them. Apfelbaum Associates and Representatives continually receive training on new products and technologies, applications, services methods, problem solving and other areas necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Apfelbaum commitment to customer satisfaction is the center of all of our training and is demonstrated in our performance.
We do not just sell items out of a catalogue, we work to understand your problems and needs and we do all that we can to provide the solution to help you obtain your goals.
We give personalized an opportune attention to our buyers until completing their full satisfaction. That is why our motto is “We are not number one…..Your are number one”.
We want the opportunity to earn your business; a chance to show you how our philosophy, system people and experience can work for you. You can depend on Apfelbaum for a commitment to service Excellence, for systems that work and for smart people who know products and who want to help.
We have branch offices in Cd. Juarez México, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Colombia as well as sales representatives in Honduras, Panama Dominican Republic and Southwest United States. our parent company in México City, Manzano Industrial, S.A. de C.V. was created to attend our Mexican customers.

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